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FontAtlas Class Reference

#include <CCFontAtlas.h>

Inheritance diagram for FontAtlas:

Public Member Functions

 FontAtlas (Font &theFont)
virtual ~FontAtlas ()
void addLetterDefinition (const FontLetterDefinition &letterDefinition)
var addLetterDefinition ( var letterDefinition)
local addLetterDefinition ( local letterDefinition)
bool getLetterDefinitionForChar (unsigned short letteCharUTF16, FontLetterDefinition &outDefinition)
void addTexture (Texture2D &texture, int slot)
float getCommonLineHeight () const
void setCommonLineHeight (float newHeight)
Texture2DgetTexture (int slot)
FontgetFont () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object
 Object ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Object ()
void release ()
 Release the ownership immediately. More...
void retain ()
 Retains the ownership. More...
Objectautorelease ()
 Release the ownership sometime soon automatically. More...
bool isSingleReference () const
 Returns a boolean value that indicates whether there is only one reference to the object. More...
unsigned int retainCount () const
 Returns the object's current reference count. More...
virtual bool isEqual (const Object *object)
 Returns a boolean value that indicates whether this object and a given object are equal. More...
virtual void acceptVisitor (DataVisitor &visitor)
virtual void update (float dt)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Object
unsigned int _ID
 object id, ScriptSupport need public _ID More...
int _luaID
 Lua reference id. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Object
unsigned int _reference
 count of references More...
var _reference
 count of references More...
local _reference
 count of references More...
unsigned int _autoReleaseCount
 count of autorelease More...
var _autoReleaseCount
 count of autorelease More...
local _autoReleaseCount
 count of autorelease More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FontAtlas ( Font theFont)
var ctor ( var  theFont)
local FontAtlas ( local  theFont)
virtual ~FontAtlas ( )

Member Function Documentation

void addLetterDefinition ( const FontLetterDefinition letterDefinition)
var addLetterDefinition ( var  letterDefinition)
local addLetterDefinition ( local  letterDefinition)
void addTexture ( Texture2D texture,
int  slot 
var addTexture ( var  texture,
var  slot 
local addTexture ( local  texture,
local  slot 
float getCommonLineHeight ( ) const
var getCommonLineHeight ( )
local getCommonLineHeight ( )
Font& getFont ( ) const
var getFont ( )
local getFont ( )
bool getLetterDefinitionForChar ( unsigned short  letteCharUTF16,
FontLetterDefinition outDefinition 
var getLetterDefinitionForChar ( var  letteCharUTF16,
var  outDefinition 
local getLetterDefinitionForChar ( local  letteCharUTF16,
local  outDefinition 
Texture2D& getTexture ( int  slot)
var getTexture ( var  slot)
local getTexture ( local  slot)
void setCommonLineHeight ( float  newHeight)
var setCommonLineHeight ( var  newHeight)
local setCommonLineHeight ( local  newHeight)

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