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ccUTF8.h File Reference
#include "platform/CCPlatformMacros.h"
#include <vector>


 Add deprecated global functions and variables here.

Constant Groups

 Add deprecated global functions and variables here.


CC_DLL int  (const unsigned short *str)
CC_DLL void  (std::vector< unsigned short > *str)
CC_DLL bool  (unsigned short ch)
 Whether the character is a whitespace character. More...
CC_DLL long  (const char *p, int max)
 Returns the length of the string in characters. More...
CC_DLL unsigned int  (std::vector< unsigned short > str, unsigned short c)
 Find the last character that is not equal to the character given. More...
CC_DLL std::vector< unsigned
short > 
(const unsigned short *str)
CC_DLL unsigned short *  (const char *str_old, int length=-1, int *rUtf16Size=NULL)
 Creates a utf8 string from a cstring. More...
CC_DLL char *  (const unsigned short *str, long len, long *items_read, long *items_written)
 Convert a string from UTF-16 to UTF-8. More...