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CCObject Class Reference

#include <CCObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for CCObject:
CCCopying CCAction CCActionManager CCAnimation CCAnimationCache CCAnimationFrame CCArray CCAutoreleasePool CCBMFontConfiguration CCBool CCCamera CCComponent CCConfiguration CCDictionary CCDirector CCDouble CCEvent CCFloat CCGLProgram CCGrabber CCGridBase CCImage CCInteger CCKeypadDispatcher CCKeypadHandler CCLuaStack CCNode CCNotificationCenter CCNotificationObserver CCPointArray CCProfiler CCProfilingTimer CCScheduler CCScriptHandlerEntry CCSet CCShaderCache CCSpriteFrame CCSpriteFrameCache CCString CCTexture2D CCTextureAtlas CCTextureCache CCTextureETC CCTexturePVR CCTimer CCTMXLayerInfo CCTMXMapInfo CCTMXObjectGroup CCTMXTilesetInfo CCTouch CCTouchDispatcher CCTouchHandler ActionFrame ActionFrameEasing ActionManager ActionNode ActionObject CCAnimationData CCArmatureData CCArmatureDataManager CCBAnimationManager CCBaseData CCBKeyframe CCBReader CCBSequence CCBSequenceProperty CCBValue CCColliderDetector CCColor3bObject ccColor3BWapper CCContourData CCContourVertex2 CCData CCDataReaderHelper CCDecorativeDisplay CCDisplayData CCDisplayManager CCHttpClient CCHttpRequest CCHttpResponse CCInvocation CCMovementBoneData CCMovementData CCNodeLoader CCNodeLoaderLibrary CCProcessBase CCSGUIReader CCTextureData ColliderBody LayoutParameter UIWidget

Public Member Functions

 CCObject (void)
virtual ~CCObject (void)
void release (void)
void retain (void)
CCObjectautorelease (void)
CCObjectcopy (void)
bool isSingleReference (void) const
unsigned int retainCount (void) const
virtual bool isEqual (const CCObject *pObject)
virtual void acceptVisitor (CCDataVisitor &visitor)
virtual void update (float dt)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCCopying
virtual CCObjectcopyWithZone (CCZone *pZone)

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_uID
int m_nLuaID

Protected Attributes

unsigned int m_uReference
unsigned int m_uAutoReleaseCount


class CCAutoreleasePool

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCObject ( void  )
virtual ~CCObject ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void acceptVisitor ( CCDataVisitor visitor)
CCObject* autorelease ( void  )
CCObject* copy ( void  )
virtual bool isEqual ( const CCObject pObject)

Reimplemented in CCString.

bool isSingleReference ( void  ) const
void release ( void  )
void retain ( void  )
unsigned int retainCount ( void  ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class CCAutoreleasePool

Member Data Documentation

int m_nLuaID
unsigned int m_uAutoReleaseCount
unsigned int m_uID
unsigned int m_uReference

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