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CCComAttribute Class Reference

#include <CCComAttribute.h>

Inheritance diagram for CCComAttribute:
CCComponent CCObject CCCopying

Public Member Functions

virtual bool init ()
void setInt (const char *key, int value)
void setDouble (const char *key, double value)
void setFloat (const char *key, float value)
void setBool (const char *key, bool value)
void setCString (const char *key, const char *value)
void setObject (const char *key, CCObject *value)
int getInt (const char *key) const
double getDouble (const char *key) const
float getFloat (const char *key) const
bool getBool (const char *key) const
const char * getCString (const char *key) const
CCObjectgetObject (const char *key) const
cs::CSJsonDictionarygetDict ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCComponent
virtual ~CCComponent (void)
virtual void onEnter ()
virtual void onExit ()
virtual void update (float delta)
var update ( var delta)
local update ( local delta)
virtual void serialize (void *r)
local serialize ( local r)
virtual bool isEnabled () const
var isEnabled ()
local isEnabled ()
virtual void setEnabled (bool b)
local setEnabled ( local b)
virtual CCNodegetNode ()
virtual void setNode (CCNode *pNode)
local setNode ( local pNode)
const char * getName () const
var getName ()
local getName ()
void setName (const char *pName)
void setOwner (CCNode *pOwner)
CCNodegetOwner () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCObject
 CCObject (void)
virtual ~CCObject (void)
void release (void)
void retain (void)
CCObjectautorelease (void)
CCObjectcopy (void)
bool isSingleReference (void) const
unsigned int retainCount (void) const
virtual bool isEqual (const CCObject *pObject)
virtual void acceptVisitor (CCDataVisitor &visitor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCCopying
virtual CCObjectcopyWithZone (CCZone *pZone)

Static Public Member Functions

static CCComAttributecreate (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CCComponent
static CCComponentcreate (void)
var create ()
local create ()

Protected Member Functions

 CCComAttribute (void)
virtual ~CCComAttribute (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CCComponent
 CCComponent (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CCObject
unsigned int m_uID
int m_nLuaID
- Protected Attributes inherited from CCComponent
std::string m_strName
var m_strName
local m_strName
bool m_bEnabled

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCComAttribute ( void  )
virtual ~CCComAttribute ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

static CCComAttribute* create ( void  )
bool getBool ( const char *  key) const
const char* getCString ( const char *  key) const
cs::CSJsonDictionary* getDict ( )
double getDouble ( const char *  key) const
float getFloat ( const char *  key) const
int getInt ( const char *  key) const
CCObject* getObject ( const char *  key) const
virtual bool init ( )

Reimplemented from CCComponent.

void setBool ( const char *  key,
bool  value 
void setCString ( const char *  key,
const char *  value 
void setDouble ( const char *  key,
double  value 
void setFloat ( const char *  key,
float  value 
void setInt ( const char *  key,
int  value 
void setObject ( const char *  key,
CCObject value 

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