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<CCESRenderer> Protocol Reference

#import <CCESRenderer.h>

Inheritance diagram for <CCESRenderer>:

Instance Methods

(id) - initWithDepthFormat:withPixelFormat:withSharegroup:withMultiSampling:withNumberOfSamples:
local - initWithDepthFormat:withPixelFormat:withSharegroup:withMultiSampling:withNumberOfSamples:
(BOOL) - resizeFromLayer:
(EAGLContext *) - context
(CGSize) - backingSize
(unsigned int) - colorRenderBuffer
(unsigned int) - defaultFrameBuffer
(unsigned int) - msaaFrameBuffer
(unsigned int) - msaaColorBuffer
local - msaaColorBuffer

Method Documentation

- (CGSize) backingSize
var backingSize
local backingSize
- (unsigned int) colorRenderBuffer
var colorRenderBuffer
local colorRenderBuffer
- (EAGLContext*) context
var context
local context
- (unsigned int) defaultFrameBuffer
var defaultFrameBuffer
local defaultFrameBuffer
- (id) initWithDepthFormat: (unsigned int)  depthFormat
withPixelFormat: (unsigned int)  pixelFormat
withSharegroup: (EAGLSharegroup *)  sharegroup
withMultiSampling: (BOOL)  multiSampling
withNumberOfSamples: (unsigned int)  requestedSamples 
- (id) initWithDepthFormat: var  depthFormat
withPixelFormat: var  pixelFormat
withSharegroup: var  sharegroup
withMultiSampling: var  multiSampling
withNumberOfSamples: var  requestedSamples 
- (id) initWithDepthFormat: local  depthFormat
withPixelFormat: local  pixelFormat
withSharegroup: local  sharegroup
withMultiSampling: local  multiSampling
withNumberOfSamples: local  requestedSamples 
- (unsigned int) msaaColorBuffer
var msaaColorBuffer
local msaaColorBuffer
- (unsigned int) msaaFrameBuffer
var msaaFrameBuffer
local msaaFrameBuffer
- (BOOL) resizeFromLayer: (CAEAGLLayer *)  layer

Reimplemented in CCES2Renderer.

- (BOOL) resizeFromLayer: var  layer

Reimplemented in CCES2Renderer.

- (BOOL) resizeFromLayer: local  layer

Reimplemented in CCES2Renderer.

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