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CCMovementData Class Reference

#include <CCDatas.h>

Inheritance diagram for CCMovementData:
CCObject CCCopying

Public Member Functions

 CCMovementData (void)
 ~CCMovementData (void)
void addMovementBoneData (CCMovementBoneData *movBoneData)
CCMovementBoneDatagetMovementBoneData (const char *boneName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCObject
 CCObject (void)
virtual ~CCObject (void)
void release (void)
void retain (void)
CCObjectautorelease (void)
CCObjectcopy (void)
bool isSingleReference (void) const
unsigned int retainCount (void) const
virtual bool isEqual (const CCObject *pObject)
virtual void acceptVisitor (CCDataVisitor &visitor)
virtual void update (float dt)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCCopying
virtual CCObjectcopyWithZone (CCZone *pZone)

Static Public Member Functions

static CCMovementDatacreate (void)

Public Attributes

std::string name
int duration
float scale
 the frames this movement will last More...
int durationTo
 scale this movement More...
int durationTween
bool loop
CCTweenType tweenEasing
 whether the movement was looped More...
CCDictionary movBoneDataDic
 save movment bone data const char * CCMovementBoneData * More...
- Public Attributes inherited from CCObject
unsigned int m_uID
int m_nLuaID

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CCObject
unsigned int m_uReference
unsigned int m_uAutoReleaseCount

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCMovementData ( void  )
~CCMovementData ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

void addMovementBoneData ( CCMovementBoneData movBoneData)
static CCMovementData* create ( void  )
( const char *  boneName)

Member Data Documentation

int duration
int durationTo

scale this movement

Change to this movement will last durationTo frames. Use this effect can avoid too suddenly changing.

Example : current movement is "stand", we want to change to "run", then we fill durationTo frames before change to "run" instead of changing to "run" directly.

int durationTween
bool loop
CCDictionary movBoneDataDic

save movment bone data const char * CCMovementBoneData *

std::string name
float scale

the frames this movement will last

CCTweenType tweenEasing

whether the movement was looped

Which tween easing effect the movement use TWEEN_EASING_MAX : use the value from CCMovementData get from flash design panel

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