cocos2d-x  2.2.1
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CCCommon.h File Reference
#include "CCPlatformMacros.h"



Constant Groups



enum  ccLanguageType {
  kLanguageEnglish = 0, kLanguageChinese, kLanguageFrench, kLanguageItalian,
  kLanguageGerman, kLanguageSpanish, kLanguageRussian, kLanguageKorean,
  kLanguageJapanese, kLanguageHungarian, kLanguagePortuguese, kLanguageArabic
 Enum the language type supported now. More...


void CC_DLL  (const char *pszFormat,...)
 Output Debug message. More...
var  ( var pszFormat)
 Output Debug message. More...
local  ( local pszFormat)
 Output Debug message. More...
void CC_DLL  (const char *pszFormat)
 lua can not deal with ... More...
void CC_DLL  (const char *pszMsg, const char *pszTitle)
 Pop out a message box. More...
var  ( var pszMsg, var pszTitle)
 Pop out a message box. More...
local  ( local pszMsg, local pszTitle)
 Pop out a message box. More...