cocos2d-x  3.1rc0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Ncocos2dAdd deprecated global functions and variables here
 CccBezierConfigBezier configuration structure
 CCDAsynchBufferLoaderCDAsynchBufferLoader TODO
 CCDAudioInterruptTargetGroupContainer for objects that implement audio interrupt protocol i.e
 CCDAudioManagerCDAudioManager manages audio requirements for a game
 CCDBufferManagerAllows buffers to be associated with file names
 CCDLongAudioSourceCDLongAudioSource represents an audio source that has a long duration which makes it costly to load into memory for playback as an effect using CDSoundEngine
 CCDLongAudioSourceFaderFader for long audio source objects
 CCDPropertyModifierBase class for classes that modify properties such as pitch, pan and gain
 CCDSoundEngineFaderFader for CDSoundEngine objects
 CCDSoundSourceCDSoundSource is a wrapper around an OpenAL sound source
 CCDSoundSourceFaderFader for CDSoundSource objects
 CCDSoundSourcePannerPanner for CDSoundSource objects
 CCDSoundSourcePitchBenderPitch bender for CDSoundSource objects
 CCDUtilitiesCollection of utilities required by CocosDenshion
 CMat4Copyright 2013 BlackBerry Inc
 CMathUtilCopyright 2013 BlackBerry Inc
 CMipmapInfoStructure which can tell where mipmap begins and how long is it
 CQuaternionDefines a 4-element quaternion that represents the orientation of an object in space
 CSimpleAudioEngineA wrapper to the CDAudioManager object
 CTexParamsExtension to set the Min / Mag filter
 CtImageTGATGA format
 CtParticleStructure that contains the values of each particle
 CVec2Defines a 2-element floating point vector
 CVec3Defines a 3-element floating point vector
 CVec4Defines 4-element floating point vector