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CCImageCommon_cpp.h File Reference
#include "CCImage.h"
#include "CCData.h"
#include <string>
#include <ctype.h>
#include "png.h"
#include "tiffio.h"
#include "etc1.h"
#include "jpeglib.h"
#include "s3tc.h"
#include "atitc.h"
#include "TGAlib.h"
#include "decode.h"
#include "ccMacros.h"
#include "CCCommon.h"
#include "CCStdC.h"
#include "CCFileUtils.h"
#include "CCConfiguration.h"
#include "ccUtils.h"
#include "ZipUtils.h"
#include "android/CCFileUtilsAndroid.h"


 Add deprecated global functions and variables here.

Constant Groups

 Add deprecated global functions and variables here.


#define CC_GL_ATC_RGB_AMD   0x8C92
#define PNGSIGSIZE   8


enum  PVR2TextureFlag {
  Mipmap = (1<<8), Twiddle = (1<<9), Bumpmap = (1<<10), Tiling = (1<<11),
  Cubemap = (1<<12), FalseMipCol = (1<<13), Volume = (1<<14), Alpha = (1<<15),
  VerticalFlip = (1<<16)
enum  PVR3TextureFlag { PremultipliedAlpha = (1<<1) }
enum  PVR2TexturePixelFormat : unsigned char {
  RGBA4444 = 0x10, RGBA5551, RGBA8888, RGB565,
  RGB555, RGB888, I8, AI88,
enum  PVR3TexturePixelFormat : uint64_t {
  BGRA8888 = 0x0808080861726762ULL, RGBA8888 = 0x0808080861626772ULL, RGBA4444 = 0x0404040461626772ULL, RGBA5551 = 0x0105050561626772ULL,
  RGB565 = 0x0005060500626772ULL, RGB888 = 0x0008080800626772ULL, A8 = 0x0000000800000061ULL, L8 = 0x000000080000006cULL,
  LA88 = 0x000008080000616cULL

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CC_GL_ATC_RGB_AMD   0x8C92
var CC_GL_ATC_RGB_AMD   0x8C92
#define PNGSIGSIZE   8
local PNGSIGSIZE   8

Variable Documentation

uint32_t ABitMask
var ABitMask
local ABitMask
uint32_t alphaBitDepth
var alphaBitDepth
local alphaBitDepth
uint32_t backBufferCount
var backBufferCount
local backBufferCount
uint32_t BBitMask
var BBitMask
local BBitMask
uint32_t bytesOfKeyValueData
var bytesOfKeyValueData
local bytesOfKeyValueData
uint32_t caps
var caps
local caps
uint32_t caps2
var caps2
local caps2
uint32_t caps3
var caps3
local caps3
uint32_t caps4
var caps4
local caps4
uint32_t channelType
var channelType
local channelType
uint32_t colorSpace
var colorSpace
local colorSpace
uint32_t colorSpaceHighValue
var colorSpaceHighValue
local colorSpaceHighValue
uint32_t colorSpaceLowValue
var colorSpaceLowValue
local colorSpaceLowValue
const unsigned char* data
var data
local data
DDColorKey ddckCKDestBlt
var ddckCKDestBlt
local ddckCKDestBlt
DDColorKey ddckCKDestOverlay
var ddckCKDestOverlay
local ddckCKDestOverlay
DDColorKey ddckCKSrcBlt
var ddckCKSrcBlt
local ddckCKSrcBlt
DDColorKey ddckCKSrcOverlay
var ddckCKSrcOverlay
DDPixelFormat ddpfPixelFormat
var ddpfPixelFormat
local ddpfPixelFormat
DDSCaps ddsCaps
var ddsCaps
local ddsCaps
var ddsd
local ddsd
uint32_t depth
var depth
local depth
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN1
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN1
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN1
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN2
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN2
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN2
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN3
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN3
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN3
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN4
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN4
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN4
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN5
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN5
union { ... } DUMMYUNIONNAMEN5
uint32_t emptyFaceColor
var emptyFaceColor
local emptyFaceColor
uint32_t endianness
var endianness
local endianness
char fileCode[4]
char fileCode[4]
char fileCode[4]
uint32_t flags
var flags
local flags
uint32_t fourCC
var fourCC
local fourCC
uint32_t FVF
var FVF
local FVF
uint32_t GBitMask
var GBitMask
local GBitMask
uint32_t glBaseInternalFormat
var glBaseInternalFormat
local glBaseInternalFormat
uint32_t glFormat
var glFormat
local glFormat
uint32_t glInternalFormat
var glInternalFormat
local glInternalFormat
uint32_t glType
var glType
local glType
uint32_t glTypeSize
var glTypeSize
local glTypeSize
uint32_t height
var height
local height
char identifier[12]
char identifier[12]
char identifier[12]
uint32_t linearSize
var linearSize
local linearSize
uint32_t metadataLength
var metadataLength
local metadataLength
uint32_t mipMapCount
var mipMapCount
local mipMapCount
uint32_t numberOfArrayElements
var numberOfArrayElements
local numberOfArrayElements
uint32_t numberOfFaces
var numberOfFaces
local numberOfFaces
uint32_t numberOfMipmapLevels
var numberOfMipmapLevels
local numberOfMipmapLevels
uint32_t numberOfMipmaps
var numberOfMipmaps
local numberOfMipmaps
uint32_t numberOfSurfaces
var numberOfSurfaces
local numberOfSurfaces
int offset
var offset
local offset
uint32_t pitch
var pitch
local pitch
uint32_t pixelDepth
var pixelDepth
local pixelDepth
uint64_t pixelFormat
var pixelFormat
local pixelFormat
uint32_t pixelHeight
var pixelHeight
local pixelHeight
uint32_t pixelWidth
var pixelWidth
local pixelWidth
struct jpeg_error_mgr pub
var pub
local pub
uint32_t RBitMask
var RBitMask
local RBitMask
uint32_t refreshRate
var refreshRate
local refreshRate
uint32_t reserved
var reserved
local reserved
uint32_t RGBBitCount
var RGBBitCount
local RGBBitCount
jmp_buf setjmp_buffer
var setjmp_buffer
local setjmp_buffer
ssize_t size
var size
local size
uint32_t srcVBHandle
var srcVBHandle
local srcVBHandle
uint32_t surface
var surface
local surface
uint32_t textureStage
var textureStage
local textureStage
uint32_t version
var version
local version
uint32_t width
var width
local width