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Frustum Member List

This is the complete list of members for Frustum, including all inherited members.

FRUSTUM_BOTTOM enum valueFrustumprotected
FRUSTUM_FAR enum valueFrustumprotected
FRUSTUM_LEFT enum valueFrustumprotected
FRUSTUM_NEAR enum valueFrustumprotected
FRUSTUM_NUMBER enum valueFrustumprotected
FRUSTUM_RIGHT enum valueFrustumprotected
FRUSTUM_TOP enum valueFrustumprotected
FrustumPlane enum nameFrustumprotected
intersectAABB(const AABB &aabb) const Frustum
intersectPoint(const kmVec3 &point) const Frustum
IntersectResult enum nameFrustum
intersectSphere(const kmVec3 &center, float radius) const Frustum
setupFromMatrix(const kmMat4 &view, const kmMat4 &projection)Frustum
setupProjectionOrthogonal(const ViewTransform &view, float width, float height, float near, float far)Frustum
setupProjectionPerspective(const ViewTransform &view, float left, float right, float top, float bottom, float near, float far)Frustum
setupProjectionPerspectiveFov(const ViewTransform &view, float fov, float ratio, float near, float far)Frustum