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PhysicsShapeEdgeBox Class Reference

An edge box shape. More...

#include <CCPhysicsShape.h>

Inheritance diagram for PhysicsShapeEdgeBox:
PhysicsShape Object

Public Member Functions

virtual Point getOffset () override
void getPoints (const Point *outPoints) const
long getPointsCount () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PhysicsShape
PhysicsBodygetBody () const
Type getType () const
float getArea () const
float getMoment () const
void setMoment (float moment)
local setMoment ( local moment)
void setTag (int tag)
int getTag () const
float getMass () const
void setMass (float mass)
float getDensity () const
void setDensity (float density)
void setRestitution (float restitution)
local setRestitution ( local restitution)
void setFriction (float friction)
void setMaterial (const PhysicsMaterial &material)
virtual float calculateDefaultMoment ()
virtual float calculateDefaultArea ()
var calculateDefaultArea ()
local calculateDefaultArea ()
virtual Point getCenter ()
local getCenter ()
bool containsPoint (const Point &point) const
void setCategoryBitmask (int bitmask)
var setCategoryBitmask ( var bitmask)
local setCategoryBitmask ( local bitmask)
int getCategoryBitmask () const
void setContactTestBitmask (int bitmask)
int getContactTestBitmask () const
void setCollisionBitmask (int bitmask)
int getCollisionBitmask () const
void setGroup (int group)
int getGroup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object
 Object ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Object ()
void release ()
 Release the ownership immediately. More...
void retain ()
 Retains the ownership. More...
Objectautorelease ()
 Release the ownership sometime soon automatically. More...
bool isSingleReference () const
 Returns a boolean value that indicates whether there is only one reference to the object. More...
unsigned int retainCount () const
 Returns the object's current reference count. More...
virtual bool isEqual (const Object *object)
 Returns a boolean value that indicates whether this object and a given object are equal. More...
virtual void acceptVisitor (DataVisitor &visitor)
virtual void update (float dt)

Static Public Member Functions

static PhysicsShapeEdgeBoxcreate (const Size &size, const PhysicsMaterial &material=PHYSICSSHAPE_MATERIAL_DEFAULT, float border=0, const Point &offset=Point::ZERO)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PhysicsShape
static PointrecenterPoints (Point *points, int count, const Point &center=Point::ZERO)
local recenterPoints ( local points, local count, local ZERO)
static Point getPolyonCenter (const Point *points, int count)
var getPolyonCenter ( var points, var count)
local getPolyonCenter ( local points, local count)

Protected Member Functions

bool init (const Size &size, const PhysicsMaterial &material=PHYSICSSHAPE_MATERIAL_DEFAULT, float border=1, const Point &offset=Point::ZERO)
 PhysicsShapeEdgeBox ()
virtual ~PhysicsShapeEdgeBox ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PhysicsShape
bool init (Type type)
local init ( local type)
PhysicsBodyInfobodyInfo () const
 PhysicsShape is PhysicsBody's friend class, but all the subclasses isn't. More...
var bodyInfo ()
 PhysicsShape is PhysicsBody's friend class, but all the subclasses isn't. More...
void setBody (PhysicsBody *body)
 PhysicsShape ()
virtual ~PhysicsShape ()=0

Protected Attributes

Point _offset
- Protected Attributes inherited from PhysicsShape
local _info
Type _type
float _area
var _area
local _area
float _mass
var _mass
local _mass
float _moment
var _moment
local _moment
PhysicsMaterial _material
var _material
local _material
int _tag
int _categoryBitmask
var _categoryBitmask
local _categoryBitmask
int _collisionBitmask
var _collisionBitmask
local _collisionBitmask
int _contactTestBitmask
var _contactTestBitmask
local _contactTestBitmask
int _group
- Protected Attributes inherited from Object
unsigned int _reference
 count of references More...
unsigned int _autoReleaseCount
 count of autorelease More...


class PhysicsBody

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from PhysicsShape
enum  Type {
- Public Attributes inherited from Object
unsigned int _ID
 object id, ScriptSupport need public _ID More...
int _luaID
 Lua reference id. More...

Detailed Description

An edge box shape.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PhysicsShapeEdgeBox ( )
virtual ~PhysicsShapeEdgeBox ( )

Member Function Documentation

static PhysicsShapeEdgeBox* create ( const Size size,
const PhysicsMaterial material = PHYSICSSHAPE_MATERIAL_DEFAULT,
float  border = 0,
const Point offset = Point::ZERO 
virtual Point getOffset ( )

Reimplemented from PhysicsShape.

void getPoints ( const Point outPoints) const
long getPointsCount ( ) const
bool init ( const Size size,
const PhysicsMaterial material = PHYSICSSHAPE_MATERIAL_DEFAULT,
float  border = 1,
const Point offset = Point::ZERO 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class PhysicsBody

Member Data Documentation

Point _offset

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