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RegionAttachment Struct Reference

#include <RegionAttachment.h>

Public Attributes

Attachment super
float x
float y
float scaleX
float scaleY
float rotation
float width
float height
void * rendererObject
var rendererObject
local rendererObject
int regionOffsetX
var regionOffsetX
local regionOffsetX
int regionOffsetY
var regionOffsetY
local regionOffsetY
int regionWidth
int regionHeight
var regionHeight
local regionHeight
int regionOriginalWidth
var regionOriginalWidth
local regionOriginalWidth
int regionOriginalHeight
var regionOriginalHeight
local regionOriginalHeight
float offset [8]
var offset ()
local offset ()
float uvs [8]

Member Data Documentation

float height
var height
local height
float offset[8]
float offset[8]
float offset[8]
int regionHeight
var regionHeight
local regionHeight
int regionOffsetX
var regionOffsetX
local regionOffsetX
int regionOffsetY
var regionOffsetY
local regionOffsetY
int regionOriginalHeight
var regionOriginalHeight
local regionOriginalHeight
int regionOriginalWidth
var regionOriginalWidth
local regionOriginalWidth
int regionWidth
var regionWidth
local regionWidth
void* rendererObject
var rendererObject
local rendererObject
float rotation
var rotation
local rotation
float scaleX
var scaleX
local scaleX
float scaleY
var scaleY
local scaleY
Attachment super
var super
local super
float uvs[8]
float uvs[8]
float uvs[8]
float width
var width
local width
float x
var x
local x
float y
var y
local y

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