cocos2d-x  2.2.3
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CCMenuItem.h File Reference
#include "base_nodes/CCNode.h"
#include "CCProtocols.h"
#include "cocoa/CCArray.h"


class  CCMenuItem
 CCMenuItem base class. More...
class  CCMenuItemLabel
 An abstract class for "label" CCMenuItemLabel items Any CCNode that supports the CCLabelProtocol protocol can be added. More...
class  CCMenuItemAtlasFont
 A CCMenuItemAtlasFont Helper class that creates a MenuItemLabel class with a LabelAtlas. More...
class  CCMenuItemFont
 A CCMenuItemFont Helper class that creates a CCMenuItemLabel class with a Label. More...
class  CCMenuItemSprite
 CCMenuItemSprite accepts CCNode<CCRGBAProtocol> objects as items. More...
class  CCMenuItemImage
 CCMenuItemImage accepts images as items. More...
class  CCMenuItemToggle
 A CCMenuItemToggle A simple container class that "toggles" it's inner items The inner items can be any MenuItem. More...



Constant Groups



#define kCCItemSize   32

Macro Definition Documentation

#define kCCItemSize   32
var kCCItemSize   32
local kCCItemSize   32