Namespace cc.spriteFrameCache

Singleton that handles the loading of the sprite frames. It saves in a cache the sprite frames.

// add SpriteFrames to spriteFrameCache With File

Method Summary

Method Detail

  • addSpriteFrame(frame, frameName)

    Adds an sprite frame with a given name.
    If the name already exists, then the contents of the old name will be replaced with the new one.

    {cc.SpriteFrame} frame
    {String} frameName
  • addSpriteFrames(url, texture)

    Adds multiple Sprite Frames from a plist or json file.
    A texture will be loaded automatically. The texture name will composed by replacing the .plist or .json suffix with .png
    If you want to use another texture, you should use the addSpriteFrames:texture method.

    // add SpriteFrames to SpriteFrameCache With File
    {String} url
    file path
    {HTMLImageElement|cc.Texture2D|string} texture
  • {cc.SpriteFrame} getSpriteFrame(name)

    Returns an Sprite Frame that was previously added.
    If the name is not found it will return nil.
    You should retain the returned copy if you are going to use it.

    //get a SpriteFrame by name
    var frame = cc.spriteFrameCache.getSpriteFrame("grossini_dance_01.png");
    {String} name
    name of SpriteFrame
  • removeSpriteFrameByName(name)
    Deletes an sprite frame from the sprite frame cache.
    {String} name
  • removeSpriteFrames()

    Purges the dictionary of loaded sprite frames.
    Call this method if you receive the "Memory Warning".
    In the short term: it will free some resources preventing your app from being killed.
    In the medium term: it will allocate more resources.
    In the long term: it will be the same.

  • removeSpriteFramesFromFile(url)

    Removes multiple Sprite Frames from a plist file.
    Sprite Frames stored in this file will be removed.
    It is convinient to call this method when a specific texture needs to be removed.

    {String} url
    plist filename
  • removeSpriteFramesFromTexture(texture)

    Removes all Sprite Frames associated with the specified textures.
    It is convinient to call this method when a specific texture needs to be removed.

    {HTMLImageElement|HTMLCanvasElement|cc.Texture2D} texture