Class cc.EventListener

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The base class of event listener.

Method Summary

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The base class of event listener.
If you need custom listener which with different callback, you need to inherit this class.
For instance, you could refer to EventListenerAcceleration, EventListenerKeyboard,
EventListenerTouchOneByOne, EventListenerCustom.

Method Detail

  • {boolean} checkAvailable()
    Checks whether the listener is available.
  • {cc.EventListener} clone()
    Clones the listener, its subclasses have to override this method.
  • <static> {cc.EventListener} cc.EventListener.create(argObj)
    Create a EventListener object by json object
          event: cc.EventListener.TOUCH_ONE_BY_ONE,
          swallowTouches: true,
          onTouchBegan: function (touch, event) {
              //do something
              return true;
    {object} argObj
    a json object
  • ctor(type, listenerID, callback)
    Initializes event with type and callback function
    {number} type
    {string} listenerID
    {function} callback
  • retain()
    Currently JavaScript Bindings (JSB), in some cases, needs to use retain and release. This is a bug in JSB, and the ugly workaround is to use retain/release. So, these 2 methods were added to be compatible with JSB. This is a hack, and should be removed once JSB fixes the retain/release bug