Namespace cc.sys

Method Summary

Field Detail

<static> <constant> cc.sys.ANDROID
<static> <constant> cc.sys.BLACKBERRY
<static> cc.sys.browserType
Indicate the running browser type
<static> <constant> cc.sys.DESKTOP_BROWSER
<static> <constant> cc.sys.EMSCRIPTEN
<static> <constant> cc.sys.IPAD
<static> <constant> cc.sys.IPHONE
<static> cc.sys.isMobile
Indicate whether system is mobile system
<static> cc.sys.isNative
Is native ? This is set to be true in jsb auto.
<static> cc.sys.language
Indicate the current language of the running system
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_ARABIC
Arabic language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_CHINESE
Chinese language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_DUTCH
Spanish language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_ENGLISH
English language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_FRENCH
French language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_GERMAN
German language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_HUNGARIAN
Hungarian language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_ITALIAN
Italian language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_JAPANESE
Japanese language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_KOREAN
Korean language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_NORWEGIAN
Norwegian language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_POLISH
Polish language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_PORTUGUESE
Portuguese language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_RUSSIAN
Russian language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LANGUAGE_SPANISH
Spanish language code
<static> <constant> cc.sys.LINUX
<static> cc.sys.localStorage
cc.sys.localStorage is a local storage component.
<static> <constant> cc.sys.MACOS
<static> <constant> cc.sys.MOBILE_BROWSER
<static> <constant> cc.sys.NACL
<static> cc.sys.os
Indicate the running os name
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_ANDROID
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_IOS
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_LINUX
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_OSX
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_UNIX
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_UNKNOWN
<static> <constant> cc.sys.OS_WINDOWS
<static> cc.sys.platform
Indicate the running platform
<static> <constant> cc.sys.TIZEN
<static> <constant> cc.sys.WINDOWS
<static> <constant> cc.sys.WINRT
<static> <constant> cc.sys.WP8

Method Detail

  • <static> cc.sys.dump()
    Dump system informations
  • <static> cc.sys.dumpRoot()
    Dumps rooted objects
  • <static> cc.sys.garbageCollect()
    Forces the garbage collection
  • <static> cc.sys.restartVM()
    Restart the JS VM