Thousands of games are using SDKBOX:

  • Mixi
  • Ketchapp
  • Adult Swim
  • 500 Games
  • GREE
  • Zynga
  • LINE
  • Gumi
  • Inno Games
  • Gameone
  • Google
  • Square Enix
  • GetSet
  • Seven Tiles Studio
  • Senspark

SDKBOX Essentials

Unified C++/Javascript/Lua APIs for basic functions that most games would need.


Analytics solutions provides the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of app access data for purposes of understanding and optimizing app usage.

IAP Optimization

Boost in-app purchase conversion rate. Improve critial ARPDAU metrics. These services help app monetization and increase revenue.

App Stores

Submit games to these third party app stores to boost player engagement and to claim extra revenue. Easy to try with existing live games.

Ad Units

Display interstitial, video, banner ads or other offers in your game or app, to generate revenue.


Integrate social features for better player engagement and more efficient user acquisition.


Attribution is the measurement of user events in result of marketing activity. An event can be an app install, repeat app launch, level completion, in app purchase, etc.

Push Notification

Keep in touch with your audience by sending messages directly to their mobile devices.


There are some other userful services that will help you build games faster and smoother.

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"The Cocos2d-x team has taken a smart approach to decreasing the impact of SDK maintenance with SDKBOX and they have been very receptive to feedback. We're excited to explore the possibilities this new framework offers for simplifying the SDK integration across multiple platforms in Big Fish Casino."
- Andy Vella, Senior Director of Engineering, Big Fish Casino

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