cocos2d-x  3.5
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ComAttribute Member List

This is the complete list of members for ComAttribute, including all inherited members.

getBool(const std::string &key, bool def=false) const ComAttribute
getFloat(const std::string &key, float def=0.0f) const ComAttribute
getInt(const std::string &key, int def=0) const ComAttribute
getString(const std::string &key, const std::string &def="") const ComAttribute
init() overrideComAttributevirtual
parse(const std::string &jsonFile)ComAttribute
serialize(void *r) overrideComAttributevirtual
setBool(const std::string &key, bool value)ComAttribute
setFloat(const std::string &key, float value)ComAttribute
setInt(const std::string &key, int value)ComAttribute
setString(const std::string &key, const std::string &value)ComAttribute