Bug #3578

By pandamicro Posted 2014-02-17 08:25

Hi, I’m sorry to do this, but the issue () was closed incorrectly and I see no way of re-opening it or contacting the assigned person for correcting the misunderstanding, so I’m using the “duplicate” button:

In the two following links the exact same code is ran, but in one of the html files the canvas element is wrapped in a div and in the other one it isn’t. Watch how when wrapped the canvas remains a fixed size and everything works well inside it, and when unwrapped the canvas takes up all available space but some sprites malfunction and aren’t shown properly:



Please look at the broken behaviour I show in the image files I’m linking in the folder below. The TMX I’m using for the background appears broken for no apparent reason: http://proto.heart-bit.com.ar/strangeproblem/picsoritdidnthappen/