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6005 jsBugNewcp.StaticBody() crashes Parkour Tutorial2014-11-24 11:44
6004 cocos2d-xBugNewA BUG about Bindings-generator2014-11-24 10:11
6003 cocos2d-xBugNewcocos code ide 分辨率适配 与 获取坐标 BUG2014-11-24 02:47lua
6002 cocos2d-xBugNewInitial cocos2d-x 3.3rc0 project compiled with x86 ABI failed on startup.2014-10-28 20:54android
6001 cocos2d-xBugNewNode::stopAllActions() crash2014-10-28 13:53
5999 jsBugNewBug new cc.ScrollView(size, container) can't diplay on device2014-10-22 03:34
5998 jsBugNewupdate addXXXListener of ccui to support one argument2014-10-21 11:04
5997 cocos2d-xBugNewThe program is blocked when closing websocket in connecting state2014-10-21 10:45all, android, ios, lua, osx
5996 cocos2d-xBugNewThe program is blocked when closing websocket in connecting state2014-10-21 10:43
5994 jsBugNewcocostudio lack of api test2014-10-21 03:39
5992 jsBugNewDrawNode have issues under WebGL render mode2014-10-20 06:45
5988 jsBugNewLabelBMFont#getChilren inconsistent between h5 and jsb2014-10-16 04:02
5974 jsBugNewfix colorpicker crash on linuxjoshua_astray_ff4412014-10-14 06:38
5953 jsBugNewcheck if Facebook sdk getPermissionList didn't check permission decline zhiming_wu_chukong_i2014-09-26 08:58
5945 studioBugNewCan't load read-only project and json files.2014-09-19 07:19data
5944 cocos2d-xBugNewlayer's destructor has not be called when using the init method of the MenuItem's child class.2014-09-19 02:53
5939 jsBugNewLabelAtlas._cascadeOpacityEnabled is falseVisualSJ2014-09-17 08:25
5938 jsBugNewAdd getTitleRenderer to UIButtonVisualSJ2014-09-16 10:16
5937 jsBugNewLabelTTF support shadow colorVisualSJ2014-09-16 09:42
5936 jsBugNewScale9Sprite - Effect of canvas and webgl mode is not the sameVisualSJ2014-09-16 08:39
5932 jsBugNewFix the missing Chipmunk api in jsb joshua_astray_ff4412014-10-11 02:35
5928 cocos2d-xBugNewMissing resources Mac2014-10-12 12:14osx
5922 jsBugNewScrollView Issue in windows phone 82014-09-10 15:04
5905 jsBugNewDownloader's batchDownload fails on Windows due to an issue of libcurl2014-10-10 02:40
5857 studioBugNewthe rotation arrow, not looks like rotation related .it's obvious indicate "move"2014-08-25 18:17