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5812 jsBugNewFix a bug of ClippingNode that its some feature doesn't work ludingping2014-08-21 10:17
5806 jsFeatureNewVideo Player on Web2014-10-20 06:25
5795 jsBugNewUpgrade SpiderMonkey to latest stable version2014-10-11 02:13
5790 jsBugNewrefactor binding-generator to simplify the generated header filesjoshua_astray_ff4412014-08-15 03:11
5761 jsFeatureNewcc.LableTTF supports text styles and line spacingludingping2014-10-20 06:24
5759 jsRefactorNewRefactor js-bindings projects for Cocos Engine Modularization2014-08-19 17:52
5758 cocos2d-xBugNewConversion of coords from one space to another incorrect when node has a Z-component2014-07-27 21:24all
5756 jsFeatureNewSupport texture alising in canvas mode2014-10-20 06:24
5751 studioBugNewPlease do not store absolute pathnames in cocostudio project file!2014-07-25 09:22
5750 studioBugNewCocos Studio - G/UI Font Resource2014-07-25 09:22
5743 cocos2d-xBugNewheader file not found2014-07-22 20:09linux
5736 websiteBugNewAdd child in scene will cause a problem,when the child reach a counts in android device.2014-07-22 00:29
5732 studioBugNewCocoStudio - Exporting everything from SceneEditor forgets to copy some images, which were used in UI-Editor2014-07-17 08:31
5722 cocos2d-xBugNewPlugin sample project (a.k.a. the HelloPlugins project) has wrong header search paths.2014-07-14 18:24ios
5721 cocos2d-xBugNewPlugin sample project (a.k.a. the HelloPlugins project) has wrong header search paths.2014-07-14 18:24ios
5720 jsBugNewAuto setTransformDirty after called setPosition,setRotation in cc.Bone2014-08-27 09:25
5719 jsBugNewcheck ActionTween on jsb and fix bugsjoshua_astray_ff4412014-07-14 08:57
5718 cocos2d-xBugNew3.1rc0: cc.pIsSegmentIntersect(pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4) always return false2014-07-14 04:35
5717 cocos2d-xBugNewText input change to uppercase automatically in EditBox2014-07-13 15:34android
5716 cocos2d-xBugNewScale9 Renderer Breaks z-order (3.2rc0)2014-07-13 03:09
5715 cocos2d-xBugNewButton AnchorPoints think they default to 0.5,0.5, but they use 0,0 (3.2rc0) 2014-07-12 02:32ios
5714 cocos2d-xBugNewLua error messages truncate file path2014-07-12 02:39all
5699 jsRefactorNewdelete RGBAProtocolVisualSJ2014-07-10 05:36
5697 jsBugNewLabelBMFont text missingVisualSJ2014-07-10 02:58
5696 cocos2d-xFeatureNewPhysicsWorld always showing NULL2014-07-10 05:46ios, osx