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3163 jsFeatureNewchange animation bone display by Name2013-11-12 14:02
3160 jsBugNewfixed a bug about the 'fullPathForFilename' when preload text filehtml5china2013-11-12 03:12
3129 jsFeatureNewAdd methods "drawSolidCircle" and "drawSolidArc"2013-11-07 21:53
3103 studioBugNewAbout UILayout componentNutty2013-11-05 08:02
3102 studioBugNewcocostudio的4个bug2014-03-03 13:50scene, ui
3101 studioFeatureNewinterpolation Curve/ease [IMPORTANT]2014-03-03 13:49animation
3012 jsBugNewArmature transparency doesn't workxingsenma2013-10-28 13:42
3003 studioFeatureNew一些动画编辑器建议2014-03-03 13:49
3001 studioFeatureNewUIEditor中文版控件后添加对应cocos2d-x里面的类的名称2014-03-03 13:48
2995 studioBugNewMemory Leaks in Cocostudio in v1.0.02014-03-03 13:48public Component
2903 studioBugNewthere are no graduated scales to regular objects position2014-03-03 13:48animation
2898 studioFeatureNewSave as function is too simple. How can I rename my project?2014-03-03 13:47animation
2897 studioBugNewIt can't team work for animation design 2014-03-03 13:46animation
2892 websiteRefactorNewRemove "contact" plugin from this website since we don't need it anymoreeva2013-10-08 02:14
2831 jsFeatureNewCMCC HTML5 IAP showcase2013-09-23 02:20
2816 jsBugNewFix cc.Loader's bug that engine doesn't work when preloading twice resource.2013-09-16 09:45
2779 jsBugNewMusic Volume changed after playing an effect2013-09-06 09:35
2725 jsBugNewImplement unloadPlist function of cc.SAXParserxingsenma2013-08-27 02:51
2722 jsBugNewIMEDispatcher button press creates touch begin in canvas2013-08-26 23:26
2529 cocos2d-xBugNewabout gameDevGuide.sh2013-08-14 05:08
2512 cocos2d-xBugNewSimpleAudioEngine playEffect() stop working after several entering background and re-entering foreground.2013-08-09 02:34
2508 cocos2d-xBugNewTouch Event Problem2013-09-05 12:08android
2505 cocos2d-xDocsNewCCArray::create(CCObject *pObject,...) must have NULL as last parameter. This is not documented2013-08-08 09:16ios, osx
2502 cocos2d-xBugNewA debug crash of TestCpp cocos2d-x 3.0 !2013-08-08 05:05win32
2495 lost mention of 'Marmalade' support.2013-08-07 05:38marmalade