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3736 studioFeatureNewAnimation Editor2014-01-16 18:55animation
3735 jsFeatureNewExtend and refactor CCDrawNode for compatibility with CCDrawingUtils?2014-01-17 03:11
3730 studioBugNewModify the resource export resources repeated problems2014-01-16 09:12scene
3665 studioBugNewbone display of armature.2014-01-10 08:25
3647 studioBugNewUI Editor crashing with an error regarding IRenderUC2014-04-25 14:35ui
3645 jsFeatureNewNPM for JSB (JSC file generation)2014-03-05 15:14
3607 jsRefactorNewRefactor the resource loading process to a unified class2014-01-08 07:24
3554 studioBugNewLocalisation support2013-12-31 15:43data, ui
3537 studioFeatureNewAdd new feature for CocosStudio better2013-12-28 06:29scene
3536 studioBugNewDuplicate tag ID when copy and paste in the scene2013-12-28 06:19public Component, scene
3521 studioBugNewCPU usage is too high2013-12-27 08:19ui
3515 jsFeatureNewAdd force screen adaptation to Resolution Policypandamicro2013-12-26 08:17
3500 jsBugNewStrange behavior of CCClippingNode on canvas render mode2013-12-25 09:23
3491 jsFeatureNewHTML5 not working on IE 102013-12-24 06:28
3460 jsRefactorNewImprove performance of CCClippingNode on Canvas mode2013-12-20 07:49
3446 jsBugNewClippingNode on WEBGL mode is not working2013-12-19 13:52
3429 jsFeatureNewMigrate the Physical Integrated to Cocos-x v 3.02014-03-06 05:41
3428 jsFeatureNewMigrate the NewLabel to Cocos-x v 3.02014-03-06 05:41
3382 jsBugNewCocos2d-html5 engine memory leak on Chromium(Content Shell) on Androidpandamicro2014-03-10 03:59
3357 studioFeatureNewparticle effect in animation editor2013-12-06 08:39
3355 studioFeatureNewA requirement of scene editor.2013-12-06 08:22
3282 studioFeatureNewCommand line support2013-11-26 14:26animation, data, scene, ui
3276 jsBugFeedbackClosure compiler doesn't remove the useless code in advance mode.pandamicro2013-12-03 06:43
3231 studioBugNewCocoStudio with scrollBars on RenderPanel or "Hand" tool (like photoshop)2013-11-20 09:11
3173 jsBugNewTypeError: body.setUserData is not a function2013-12-16 10:50