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4052 studioBugNewLabelBMFont controls only import FNT file editor crashNutty2014-03-03 06:54ui
4040 websiteRefactorNewRicardo Quesada's suggestions to website2014-03-01 10:17
4036 jsFeatureNewSVG Support2014-04-07 01:42
4035 jsBugNewFix Touch Propagation on MenuItem2014-02-13 15:33
4034 studioBugNewProgram closing when loading a json2014-02-13 11:42scene
4025 studioBugNewWhen parsing plist, if only has the .Plist file, and then delete the file, display delete the resource file failed, but click on other resources and then click on the file, the editor crashes.eddy2014-03-04 03:09ui
4024 studioBugNewUnder the linear layout, in the control bar and the right to add child controls arranged in the order in which the container is not normaleddy2014-03-04 03:21ui
4023 studioBugNewWhen creating a new project without any operation and export canvas, display json file success but can not find exporteddy2014-03-04 03:24ui
4012 jsRefactorNewTry full screen meta tag to make full screen more compatiblepandamicro2014-02-13 02:00
3999 studioBugNewWhen selected a frame, move the mouse to another location can still delete just the selected frame, and copy a frame, and then remove a frame (or marquee blank space), the frame can not be copied pastededdy2014-03-21 02:27ui
3992 jsDocsNewMinimal implementation for "TextInput" and "UITextField" needed2014-02-11 19:06
3955 jsFeatureNewImplement new physic engine apis2014-03-21 01:51
3954 jsFeatureNewDependancies management in NPM version2014-03-21 01:53
3953 jsRefactorNewString management2014-02-10 06:36
3952 jsFeatureNewMark HTML5 only API2014-03-21 01:50
3944 jsRefactorNewSimplify usage of sprite animation2014-10-20 06:24
3893 jsBugNewUIScrollView's visible region are overlapping on simulator(JSB)2014-02-05 11:33
3888 jsDocsNewAdd documentation for "sys"?2014-02-03 05:29
3887 jsBugNewAction.reverse() does not work as expected2014-02-01 17:59
3792 studioFeatureNewThe panel that view the relation of father and son about bonehailong_wang2014-02-27 08:10animation
3791 studioFeatureFeedbackAfter switching Animation mode and Body mode, the first hidden frame will display automaticallywangnan2014-03-09 09:56animation
3783 cppBugAcceptedto support with mp3 audio of wp8jingbin.chen@chukong-inc.com2014-02-21 07:25wp8
3773 studioRefactorNewMake a game like fight rats with traggierzhangcheng@chukong-inc.com2014-03-03 09:25scene
3770 studioBugNewWhen the Animation Componments dragged the UI Componments,the Editor would be crashzhangcheng@chukong-inc.com2014-01-20 02:29scene
3753 studioBugNewIncreased skeletal relationship checking functionhailong_wang2014-01-17 06:24animation