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TextField with text cutomization

Feature #5346 [Closed]
naghekyan 2014-05-25 13:03 . Updated over 9 years ago

It is necessary to have a text field that supports all this:

  • text alignment (left, right, center)
  • text shadow
  • text shadow color, angle, distance
  • text stroke

This is very important and I am surprised that it is missing even in cocos2d-x 3.1 version. I belie there are lots of game that input, for example, player name in a fancy designed text field.

It would be nice if this functionality was implemented form TextBox rather than for TextField, as TextBox is easier to use in terms of getting text input.

zhangxm 2014-05-26 01:43

Yep. TextField will be replaced by TextBox.

zhangxm 2014-05-26 01:44
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naghekyan 2014-05-26 03:26

Good to know that TextBox will replace TextField :). But text box will support bitmap font? Or it will just support shadow, alignment and so on?

zhangxm 2014-05-26 03:41

What i mean is that TextField will be merged into UI system.
And the name may not be TextBox.
The features you listed may not support at first. 2014-10-08 02:45

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