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Disappearing sprites...

Bug #4531 [New]
noneed52 2014-03-24 12:45 . Updated almost 10 years ago


I'm developing with cocos2d-x 2.2.1.
I just ran into this issue today..
When Samsung Galaxy S4 got upgraded to Android 4.4.2(Kitkat) Sprites suddenly start to disappear and appear back again, this repeats and end up with no images later. And I don't think it's memory problem since game doesn't crash...
Did anyone ran into this problem??

Thank you for any replies in advance~

mandangee 2014-05-07 13:42


I'd like to know the way to fix Sprite bug on kitkat if you done with the problem.
I guess that I have same problem now ;;

Thank you for your replies in later

noneed52 2014-05-07 14:03

I do not know whether this is the correct way or not but I realized during the scene gc malloc gets called instantaneously a lot of times. So I just fixed the code so that sprites are not getting created repeatedly everytime by instead of removing I just change the visibility. I figure there is something wrong with garbage collection in Kitkat. Sorry typing from phone....

mandangee 2014-05-08 02:51

Thanks a lot!

I'll do your way. Thanks again and I'll reply it with the result.

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