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lost all touchable features when: widget->setScale(0.0f); widget->runAction(ScaleTo::create(0.4f, 1.0f));

Bug #4398 [Closed]
liangXiao 2014-03-16 21:01 . Updated almost 9 years ago

// SomeUI.json is a UI scene has some relative layouts and some touchable buttons

Widget* widget = cocostudio::GUIReader::getInstance()->widgetFromJsonFile("SomeUI.json");


widget->setScale(0.0f); // this line will make all buttons become NO touchable

// widget->setScale(0.1f); // this line is OK, nothing turn bad

widget->runAction(ScaleTo::create(0.4f, 1.0f));

// is something wrong because: (_someValue *= scaleX_0.0f) = 0.0f, and _someValue * _scaleX1.0f = 0.0f later? 2014-10-08 02:52

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