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remove ccxScopedPtr & ccxScopedArray

Feature #396 [Closed] 2011-03-14 20:57 . Updated almost 12 years ago

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In my opinion, I DO believe ccxScopedPtr & ccxScopedArray in CCCommon.h is OVER-DESIGNED
For 2 reasons:
* Some developers opposed our implementation of NSAutoreleasePool. Take a look at the commends below How close is coco2dx to being on par with cocos2d? topic.

That makes sense from a porting perspective. However, when writing new cocos2dx apps, I’d love to get away from the whole retain/release/autorelease stuff. … I think it would be nice if Cocos2dx did not force a specific memory system, property system, or usage pattern on the user, especially one which is not native or regularly used in C/C++ code. There are significant speed advantages to not using these systems, for instance, and in some cases a user might already have one they prefer.

  • Stay foolish, Jobs saied. We’re not more clever than the guys writing STL. std::smart_pointer is not good enough, seldom people use it. So how can we write a better one? Leave this thing to the game developers theirselves, don’t design one more new memory management system in our engine.

So, plz remove ccxScopedPtr & ccxScopedArray, and replace the code in CCImage. 2011-03-14 20:58
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