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Information on "event" class missing

Docs #3839 [Closed]
ZippoLag 2014-01-24 20:24 . Updated almost 10 years ago

I was looking at the functions for handling events (for example @onMouseMoved@: ) on the documentation and noticed that the "event" parameter is never described, so I can't be sure how to access it's properties except by trial and error.

Please add propper documents for this class. Big thanks.

ludingping 2014-01-27 02:22
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ZippoLag 2014-01-27 02:30

On a related note: the paremeter "touch" on @onTouchBegan@, etc. (and it's array form for @onTouchesBegan@, etc) also needs proper documents.

ludingping 2014-01-27 03:22

Thank you, Sebastián.:)

ludingping 2014-01-31 20:17
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