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Fullscreen support for Mac Desktop / OS X

Feature #3798 [Closed]
NathanDrake 2014-01-20 22:37 . Updated over 8 years ago

Every new app created with Xcode supports so called “FullScreen” out of the box. Just need to set NSWindow property in interface builder.

This allows to switch from windowed mode to FullScreen on another desktop workspace or another display. It is great feature, giving user better usage experience, if of course it is supported by application. Difference with other “fullscreen” modes in for example Windows x86 app (where full screen is just resized window), is that OS X fully controls window position and size, which is switched to a different workspace or display.

This is the only preffered by API, OS X way of FullScreen application experience.

At this time, cocos2d-x/OS X does not seem to support this feature. For a user, this is additional button in right upper corner of the window, that let’s him switch to FullScreen mode.

Some tips:,4671.msg27932.html\#msg27932

ricardo 2014-01-23 17:37
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The only feature that is missing is switching back to Window mode.
We will add that feature once glfw v3.1 is released, since glfw v3.0 doesn't support it now. 2014-10-08 03:00

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