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TestCpp error in RenderTextureTest, Testing depthStencil attachment on Chipset Tegra 3

Bug #3672 [Closed]
Donmizzi 2014-01-11 23:33 . Updated over 9 years ago

Hi, this issue happens on Tegra 3 (ASUS TF300), Cocos2d-x 3.0 alpha1 (12 jan 2014)
Not happens on Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle HD, Galaxy s plus, Galaxy nexus, note 2.
Same issue happens with cocos2d-x 2.2.1 and 2.1.5 (but openGL errors are in different files)

TestCpp > RenderTextureTest> Testing depthStencil attachment

No Circle appears, and LogCat shows this error

01-12 00:26:36.770: D/cocos2d-x debug info(8523): Assert failed: Could not attach texture to framebuffer
01-12 00:26:36.770: E/cocos2d-x assert(8523): /path/../cocos/2d/CCRenderTexture.cpp function:initWithWidthAndHeight line:275
01-12 00:26:36.800: D/cocos2d-x debug info(8523): OpenGL error 0x0500 in /path/../cocos/2d/CCTexture2D.cpp initWithMipmaps 622

I have also noticed, another error when testCpp goes in background, in this page:

01-12 00:29:50.550: D/cocos2d-x debug info(8523): Assert failed: only RGBA8888 can be saved as image
01-12 00:29:50.560: E/cocos2d-x assert(8523): /path/../cocos/2d/CCRenderTexture.cpp function:newImage line:428


Donmizzi 2014-01-14 00:10

I solved using this method:

use GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16 + GL_STENCIL_INDEX8 separately, in the init() of the CCRenderTexture (Cocos2d-x 2.1.5) 2014-10-08 02:47

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