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I cannot using (3.0alpha1 ver)

Bug #3466 [Closed]
12dlwnsrb 2013-12-21 09:24 . Updated over 9 years ago

(I want your understood in my english skill because i dont speak english well..)
I want to creat mobile game so i downloaded sdk bundle, eclipse, ndk, cygwin, python, vs 2013… and installing these files following blog manual.
and i create project that using cmd console( python p “project”k “package” -l cpp)
when i running it in eclipse, it have error and it stopped running .
so i found reason in all conditions, but i cannot found it.(for example, my windows7 account is named korean language, so i format extra ssd and install windows7 and i create account english name - of course, i use new account name that named english, but several original account folder is still korean name and i didn’t know changing it, so install window7.)

but i found reason in (maybe that is reason) because when i simulate cmd-python it print “NDK_ROOT is not defined…”of course i set environment value ‘NDK_ROOT’ perfectly, and didn’t know why that is happened.
i found reason as much time as i can, but i found several small clue that i have to change print function or .bash.profile but i already delete 3.0 alpha1 and installing 3.0 alpha0(->i was so frustrated.)

3.0 alpha1 is very attracting me because it’s latest version and some of new updating things(~~>do not use CCblabla~~>blabla or do not need use cygwin..->[]()[]()!)

but i was blocked by one thing that is… please help me and other one whom is similar case of me. 2014-10-08 02:58

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