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add APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a to improve the performance on some devices

Feature #344 [Closed]
Macarse 2011-02-10 19:51 2011-02-10 23:26
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StrawberryMilkshake 2011-02-11 00:17

I almost forgot about it, but you might want to link to the correct library version as well :)

So instead of this:

LOCAL_LDLIBS := L\$/../../libs/armeabilGLESv1_CM lcocos2dlblah lblah should be like this instead:
L\$(LOCAL_PATH)/../../libs/\$(TARGET_ARCH_ABI) lGLESv1_CMlcocos2d lblahlblah

The \$(TARGET_ARCH_ABI) variable contains either “armeabi” or “armeabi-v7a”. 2011-02-23 07:36
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Bin, check if this value is defined in uphone. We may get a higher performance. 2011-02-23 23:55

The value of APP_ABI := armeabi-v7a is only supportted on android-ndk-r4 or later.
But uphone is using android-ndk-r3. 2011-02-24 00:02
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