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The logic of screen adaptation for "NO_BORDER" resolution policy is not correct

Bug #3369 [Closed]
pandamicro 2013-12-10 08:59 . Updated over 10 years ago

In most mobile navigator, using the NO_BORDER resolution policy will cause the canvas render context incorrectly translated, which makes an empty area in the bottom of the canvas and the touch event on page doesn’t match the visual.

pandamicro 2013-12-10 09:54
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The origin logic mixed up with content size and viewport size, and it cause bugs when the navigator’s window height is smaller than the content height:
1. The render origin of canvas context is positioned incorrectly, higher than it should be
2. As the origin is not right, the touch event’s position doesn’t match what’s showing on the screen.

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Target version:v2.2.2