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"min"/"max" is not a member of std OR can't open file "libExtensions.lib"

Bug #3130 [Closed]
fleksin 2013-11-08 00:41 . Updated about 9 years ago

I was following the guide to create my first ever cocos2dx project “Helloworld”.
When building the project I encountered two major problems
As written is in the title:

“max” is not a member of std / “min” is not a member of std;
can’t open file “libExtensions.lib”;

I don’t know if anyone has seen these errors before. I googled it and didn’t find the exact solution to the problem.

However I searched for “libExtensions” under the cocos2dx file, and I only find libExtensions.sln in the path of “….2d-x-2.2.0\extensions\proj.win32”.
I try to build the libExtensions.sln, and it says:

“max” is not a member of std
“min” is not a member of std
The errors were all under the CCskeleton class, in the file like CCSkeletonAnimation.cpp and another one which I can’t remember.
I googled again and find out that I have to include <algorithm> and <iostream> to use std::min and std::max, so I added those sentences to where the error pointed at.
Then problem solved[]()[]()
I only have**Two* questions:
Is this error occured simply because the missing sentences??
Is it the reason that there is no Skeleton example in Testcpp ???

And I hope my little discovery could help some cocos2dx starters like me[]() <sup>_</sup> 2014-10-08 02:54

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