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Save as function is too simple. How can I rename my project?

Feature #2898 [New]
zijian_rao 2013-10-08 03:35 . Updated over 10 years ago

I got a problem today when I used animation editor.

My project is named “IronManAnimation” . But I want to rename it as “IMRuning”.

So, I save as the project “IronManAnimation” into “IMRuning”.

But here came to a problem.

The save as feature is just copy the project “IronManAnimation” into a new folder called “IMRuning”.

The “IronManAnimation.xml.animation” still named “IronManAnimation.xml.animation” in project “IMRuning”.

And I exported the animation, the name is still “IronManAnimation.ExportJson”. But what I want is “IMRuning.ExportJson”.

If the save as feature do not have the function to rename the project, I means the totally rename everything about project’s name. How can I find out the different between copy and save as?

Or please add a rename feature for the cocoStudio project, I believe it will be useful.

Wish you guys do better and better. — Mr. Rao

wangnan 2014-03-03 13:47

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