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HttpClient raised ANR error when the connected WIFI is disconnected from internet.

Bug #2889 [Closed] 2013-10-07 11:47 . Updated over 9 years ago

Antonio Cld reported a bug of CCHttpClient, I quote his email below

The problem appears when the device is connected to WIFI, but the router has no connection to Internet, this causes a ANR when making a request. I also followed the tutorial in\_to\_use\_CCHttpClient. I created an example uploaded on Git and posted on cocos2dx forum, but our client insists in solving this issue.\_http

  • Platform: Android
  • Device: Is an Itermittent nature and may happen on any device. Most times that I seen is in Nexus S, furthermore in Android Emulator I can reproduce it always.
  • Android SDK Tools 22.0.1
  • Cocos2dx 2.1.5 2013-10-08 07:21
  • Target version set to 3.0-alpha1 2013-10-08 07:22
  • Description updated (diff)
zhangxm 2013-10-08 10:09
  • Assignee changed from zhangxm to WenHai
zhangxm 2013-11-15 03:49
  • Target version changed from 3.0-alpha1 to Candidate 2014-10-08 02:58

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