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IMEDispatcher button press creates touch begin in canvas

Bug #2722 [New]
freezeepopprice 2013-08-26 23:26

The IMEDispatcher appears to flow and additional button press (and touch begin event) into the canvas when closing.

There seems to be a problem with the IMEDispatcher (at least on iOS devices) where a press on the javascript prompt buttons (Cancel, or OK) or the keyboard (via Return Key) causes a touch begin event to occur in the canvas. The location of the touch event seems somewhat unrelated to the location of the press and is some small distance from the touch event that was used to launch the IME (i.e. via the cc.TextFieldTTF).

This press causes strange side effects such as launching the IME again on a subsequent touch end event.

It appears that either the event cue needs to be cleared when the IME dismisses or the eventListener needs to be turned off at this time. I have not checked but this might be an issue with any javascript dialog (i.e. it might also happen on an alert).

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