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CCTouchDispatcher touch handlers ordering issue

Refactor #2600 [Rejected]
godyZ 2013-08-20 02:49 . Updated over 10 years ago

(gfzabarino opened this issue 3 months ago in github)

More than an issue, is the way it works I don’t feel comfortable with. Either targeted or standard, I think the correct way to process touch handlers is in the order they were registered. A targeted touch handler can swallow the touch if it wants to, and stop the touch processing (at least for that particular touch). But if for example (and this is my actual problem) we have a top/last added CCEditBox and a previous added background targeted touch handler layer which swallow touches, I really think the touch should be sent to the CCEditBox first, and then continue with the rest of touch handlers. Right now my targeted touch handler layer is swallowing the touch and it doesn’t get to the CCEditBox ccTouchesBegan method.
If you’re interested, I’m implementing a modal dialog.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for this awesome cross platform framework!

Gian Franco Zabarino

zhangxm 2013-09-28 03:24
  • Status changed from New to Rejected

Now we use new event dispatcher. Touch events are dispatched by their rendering orders.

zhangxm 2014-01-09 06:09
  • Target version deleted (Candidate)

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