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Loading CCControlButton from ccbi failed

Bug #1409 [Closed] 2012-07-29 13:25 . Updated almost 11 years ago

Reported and fixed at
It seems the enum value from CCControl.h and CCControlButtonLoader.cpp mismatched. 2012-07-29 14:17

Just fixed it.
So the problem is that:
# The current test suite didn’t cover DISABLED state of CCControlButton
# CocosBuilder v2.0 always generate “4” for CCControlButton::DISABLED state, while the ccb & ccbi file in test suite is manually modified to “3” 2012-07-30 04:26
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Applied in changeset commit:86e3070d6a6ce813e96f916e9275dd31f074d443.

zhangxm 2012-07-30 04:26

Applied in changeset commit:bccaaf0ad803bc9d5b5c51dd65153a45e5ef3604. 2012-07-30 14:27
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Target version:cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.2