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With this Cocos2d-JS download builder, you can select the desired modules and download a single js file to start coding your game directly. Note that it's for web development only, if you want to deploy on native platforms, please download the full package of Cocos2d-JS.
Lite Version Lite Version contains some core features of Cocos2d-JS, it's extremely easy to use and light as a feather. It supports features like sprite, events, label, audio, actions and menu, so it’s powerful enough to make cool social games.
Full Version Full version engine contains all features and all extensions for Cocos2d-JS, it can help you explore its great possibility.
Customized Version Customize your own version of Cocos2d-JS with the features you need, you should know the meaning of these features to construct a suitable version.
Toggle All If it's your first time experience with Cocos2d-JS, we recommand you to download all modules to have full features support.
File Description
Compressor Size
Compressed Loading... Uses Google Closure Compiler's Simple Mode to minimize code size.
Uncompressed Loading... Uncompressed source. Recommended in testing phase.