We are so excited to announce that Cocos Creator is now available! Our team has worked incredibly hard on this and it shows.

Framework Structure

Cocos Creator is a complete package of game development tools and workflow, including a game engine (based on Cocos2d-x), resource management, scene editing, game preview, debug and publish one project to multiple platforms. For the first time we introduced entity-component structure and data-driven workflow to the cocos2d-x family. With JavaScript, you can scripting your component in no time. The editor and engine extension is also made with JavaScript so you can make games and refine your tool in a single programming language. Cocos Creator is an provides an innovative, easy to use toolset such as the UI system and Animation editor. The toolset will be expanding continuously and quickly, thanks to the open editor extension system.

Highly Efficient Workflow

What the combination of engine and editor brings is the functional development method of data driven and componentization, and the perfect cooperation (with an appropriate division of labor) of designers and programmers:

Programmers develop functional components that can be mounted to any object in the scene Designers are responsible for mounting components to objects that need to perform a particular action and improving each parameter by adjustment Programmers develop the data structure and resource management needed for the game Designers set up all the data and resources using the graphic interface (In this way, from the simple to the complex, all the workflows that you can imagine can be realized) The development idea that focused on workflows can help developers of different duties quickly find the breakthrough point to maximize their function at work and smoothly cooperate with other group members.

Featured Highlights

The highlight features of Cocos Creator include:

Data properties that can be adjusted in the editor at anytime can be easily declared in the script. The adjustments to parameters can be independently finished by designers. A UI system that supports smart canvas adaptation and spares the alignment of coding elements can perfectly adapt to device screens of any resolution. Animation system that is specially made for 2D games supports animation trajectory preview and editing of complicated curves. Scriptable development supported by a dynamic language makes dynamic adjustment and the remote adjustment of mobile devices amazingly easy. By using the Cocos2d-x engine, when enjoying the convenience of scriptable development, you can also release games on various desktop platforms and mobile terminal platforms with one-click, with their superb features on the original level preserved. Componentization of script and open plugin system provides developers with methods of customizing workflows at different depths. The editor can be adjusted on a large scale to adapt to the needs of different groups and projects.