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UI Editor Menu Bar


The Menu bar contains File, Edit, View, Help and Language.


File menu

New Project

Creates a new UI project. If a project is already opened, CocoStudio prompts you to save the current project. When you set up a new project, specify the project name and location.

# The project name can’t contain the following symbols : “?”, “`”, “”**“,”<“,”>“,”|“”
# When CocoStudio is running on Windows XP, do not put the project on your desktop.
# For all Windows operating systems, do not put the project under the system directory.
h4. Open Project
Opens the existing project.
h4. Close Project
Closes the opened project.
h4. Save Project
Saves the opened project.
h4. Save As

Saves the project as a new project(ver 1.1 or later).
h4. Export Project

Exports the selected canvas. For more information, see UI editor project export.
h4. Import template
Imports the existing project.
# CocoStudio only supports importing the json files which are exported by UI editor.
# Before you import json files, CocoStudio will import all the resources which are under the same directory to CocoStudio.

Import Resource

* Import file
# Imports a file from your hard disk and supports multiple imports.
# When CocoStudio encounters a duplicate file name, importing will fail.

*Import directory
# Imports a directory from your hard disk.
# When CocoStudio encounters a duplicate directory name, importing will fail.

Open CCB file

Imports CocosBuilder project.


Closes the editor. If the project is modified, it will prompt you to save the project.



Undos the last operation.


Repeats the last undo operation.

Canvas Scale

Scales operations on canvas.


Object Structure

Opens Object Structure Panel


Opens Property windows.


Opens Resource windows.

Canvas List

Opens Canvas List windows.


Opens the Output windows.

Start page windows

Opens the Start page window of the UI editor.

Reset windows layout

Resets CocoStudio’s window layout to its default value.


View Help

Opens a window displaying the online help documentation.

About CocoStudio

Opens a window displaying information about CocoStudio.

Check New Version

Checks for whether there is an existing new version or not.



Sets English as the editor’s default language. It will take effect only after relaunching your editor.


Sets Chinese as the editor’s default language. It will take effect only after relaunching your editor.


Sets Korean as the editor’s default language. It will take effect only after relaunching your editor.

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3-2-12-img-09.png (4.5 kB), 2013-12-02 12:30

3-2-12-img-01.png (7.7 kB), 2013-12-02 12:30

3-2-12-img-02.png (10.7 kB), 2013-12-02 12:30

3-2-12-img-03.png (22.3 kB), 2013-12-02 12:30

3-2-12-img-04.png (22.1 kB), 2013-12-02 12:30

3-2-12-img-10.png (3.5 kB), 2013-12-02 12:30

3-2-12-img-05.png (45 kB), 2013-12-02 12:30

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