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UI Editor Canvas List Panel


# In the UI Editor, select the Canvas List tab to manage the canvas for your project.
# Use multiple canvases to save or display the contents of different rendering areas.


Creating a new canvas

  1. Right-click on a project name to select New Canvas to create multiple blank canvases for a project.
  2. Ensure that within the same project, the canvas size is consistent.

Switching canvases

  1. Canvases can smoothly switch within the same project.
  2. Resource files can be reused between canvases.

Copying controls between canvas

CocoStudio can copy the contents of one canvas to another canvas. View the animation to learn how to complete this task.

Right-click Menu

  • Creating a new canvas Use the right-click menu options to create multiple blank canvases. The default canvas name should indicate a project name and number, such as (project name + “ _ ” + number).

* Renaming a canvas
Once the Rename option is selected, enter the new name for the canvas. Note that this field cannot be left blank and must be a unique name. The following symbols cannot be included in the canvas name: “?”,“,”,“╲”,"**“,”“”,“”“,”<“,”>“,”|" ;. The keyboard shortcut for renaming a canvas is F2.
** Deleting a canvas
Deletes the selected canvas. Note that the last canvas cannot be deleted. The keyboard shortcut for this option is the Delete key.
After selecting the Delete option, you will be warned that this operation is irreversible and the file will not be recoverable. Select the Yes option to proceed with deleting the canvas.
* Copying a canvas
This option copies the selected canvas. The keyboard shortcut for this option is Ctrl + C.
* Pasting a canvas
To paste the selected canvas, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V.

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