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Scene Component General Properties


The Scene Component General Properties consist of common properties and special properties. Each component has some common properties and one or more special properties. Components will have common properties when added and all components can have a ComAttribute property and audio.



Sets the tag of component, and then we can get this component from it.


Sets the display hierarchy of this component, and the program will render components following the value of ZOrder. If the value is bigger, the component will be closer to monitor.


Sets the position of the component’s anchor point. The default anchor point is the center of the component. The origin is the bottom-left corner of the canvas.


The component’s name, which can let us get component in programs.


Sets the property of the component’s rotation. The value of the rotation is the clockwise degree of the components rotating by anchor point.


Controlling the visibility of the component. Users can hide some components at first and show them in programming. No matter if the component is hidden or shown, it will load the component into the cache.


Sets the scale value of the component, and consists of scale X and scale Y. The value can be a negative number or a positive number. If it is a negative value, the component can flip.

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