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Release Notes for Cocos2d-html5 v2.1.3



  • CCEditbox now implemented for WebGL and JSB
  • Updated CCBReader to latest version
  • Performance optimization on Firefox 20%
  • Added render mode flag to switch between WebGL and canvas2d
  • Added support for Tizen
  • Now able to load embedded texture file in a plist
  • EGLView now works if canvas is placed inside another DOM element
  • Added a Simulator which can be found in MoonWarriors Directory

Bug Fixes

  • Preloading on some mobile browsers
  • CCLoader for WebGL
  • ccNode memory leak

Known Issues

  • Effect Advanced Lens3D doesn’t work
  • Particle System has some weird behavior when load from CCBReader
  • RenderTextureTest RenderTextureIssue937 & Issue1464 doesn’t work properly
  • ClipNodeTest effects varies in different browsers


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