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Cocos2d-html5-v3.0 alpha @ March.15, 2014

  • Refactor some properties of all rendering classes with getter setter for providing javascript user friendly APIs, document reference.
  • Provide attr function for cc.Node and its descendants to permit modify multiple properties at the same time with a key-value object.
  • Refactor foundational data structures for better maintainability, document reference.
  • Add event manager to Cocos2d-html5, all events are dispatched via cc.eventManager to event listener, document reference.
  • Refactor cc.Application to, document reference.
  • Refactor singleton Classes to javascript object, document reference.
  • Refactor all createWithXXX functions into unified create function with different parameters, document reference.
  • Use moduleConfig.json to config the paths of engine scripts, document reference.
  • cocos2d.js is replaced with project.json, document reference.
  • Refactoring cc.loader, document reference.
  • CocoStudio GUI updated to 3.0, and ccs prefix of UI widgets have been changed to ccui.
  • CocoStudio v1.3.0 has been supported in v3.0.
  • richText has been supported in v3.0.
  • Use cc.BuilderReader.registerController to register controller of ccb.
  • Add cc.path to handle operations of file path, document reference.
  • Add cc.async to handle async operations, document reference.
  • Add cc.NodeGrid in v3.0.
  • Replace replaceWithScene and runWithScene with runScene.
  • move to, document reference.
  • Refactor CCEGLView.js for better maintainability.
  • Refactor CCScheduler.js for better maintainability.
  • Remove arguments.callee which is forbidden in ECMAScript strict mode.
  • Refactor Array clean function for better performance.
  • Refactor some functions about array operation, document reference.
  • Refactor FadeIn/FadeOut to fix a bug that it always start from/to 255.
  • Rewrite functions in CCNS.js with regex.
  • Move CCFormatHelper and CCNS content into CCCommon.js.
  • Refactor cc.Screen to support all browsers.
  • Add retina display support for Apple devices to cc.view.
  • Add "allLayers" function to cc.TMXTiledMap.
  • Make cc.p and cc.size support two types of parameters.
  • cc.DrawNode supports all functions of cc.DrawingPrimitive on Canvas mode.
  • WebAudioEngine is supported on iOS now.
  • Use event on cc.canvas to make full screen.
  • Add a browser white list that support multiple audio playback at the same time.
  • Removed in/hasOwnProperty usage in engine for better performance.
  • Refactoring CCCommon.js, delete some unused functions, rename some functions for better maintainability.
  • Add analytics plugin protocol ,Flurry plugin and ProtocolAds.js plugin protocol.
  • Arguments length check replaced by undefined check for better performance.
  • Fix legacy Function.prototype.bind support.

  • Bugs fix:

    1. Avoid CCLabelTTF enter in infinite loop while character's width larger than the dimension width
    2. Add jsDoc Flags to cc.NodeRGBA and cc.LayerRGBA
    3. Fixed a bug that Schedule doesn't restart when widget is re-added after being removed
    4. Correction of split logic in CCLabelTTF
    5. Fixed a bug that armature animation does not display correctly on canvas mode
    6. Correct gui widget clone functions
    7. Fixed a bug of cc.SpriteFrameCache that filePath is needed in loadedFileNames
    8. Add a condition check to avoid texture out of range bug
    9. Fixed a bug of cc.Editbox that its position is incorrect when its parent node isn't root node.
    10. Fixed a SimpleAudioEngine's state error.
    11. Fixed a bug of cc.TMXTileMap that its _tileProperties should be a dictionary object
    12. Fixed a bug of cc.DrawNode that it need to deep-copy verts in drawPoly
    13. Fixed a bug of UILabelBMFont that variable _strStringValue should be _stringValue
    14. Fixed a bug in SceneReader's setPropertyFromJsonDict function
    15. Fixed a bug when margin not set in ccs.Margin
    16. Fixed a bug of cc.TMXLayer that its removeChild works incorrectly.

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