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Animation Editor Rendering Panel


The Rendering window provides a panel to draw the skeleton animation, and it provides a preview whenever you want.


Select Region

Using the mouse selection widget, adjust the whole or adjust the single skeleton.

Adjust Skeleton/Textures

# At points 1, 2, 4 and 5 you can use the mouse to adjust the size of the widget, and adjust its scale.
# At point 3, rotate the widget.
# Point 6 is the anchor point.

Content Menu

Move selection up to the top.

Moves the selected skeletons or textured layers to the top. The image on the top can cover other bones or textures, which located under it.

Move the selection

Moves the selected skeletons or textures up a layer.

Move the selected down to buttom

Moves the selected skeleton or texture down to the next layer.

Cancel the selected

Cancels the selected skeletons and textures.

Binding parent

Selects the parent skeleton for the selected skeletal. This option only has an effect on the parent skeleton, which hasn’t yet binded.

Remove the parent

Removes the parent-child relationship for the selected skeletons. This option only has an effect on binded skeletons.

Bind to skeleton

Binds skeleton for the selected texture. This option only has an effect on the texture, which hasn’t binded to skeleton.

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