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Animation Editor Object-Relation Panel


The Object-Relation structure window displays all of the layers’ information for the current skeleton animation.
The window allows you to hide the layer, lock the layer, change the zOrder of the layer and rename the layer, etc.



  1. Select the Eye icon in the structure tree to set the display or hide the widget.
  2. Shows and hides attributes of different layers which can be used to set the widget’s Visible property.


  1. Select the Lock icon in the structure tree to either lock or unlock the widget.
  2. After the widget is locked, all the operations of the widget will be locked.

Hierarchy Adjust

Adjusting the hierarchy of the zOrder will change the displayed order. In the object structure window, you can adjust zOrder to rearrange the frames’ zOrder. One has a large zOrder in the upside and all of the top-level zOrders are maximized. You can adjust the hierarchy of single or multiple selection.

  1. Move current node up a layer.
  2. Move current node down to the next layer.
  3. Set current node to the top.
  4. Set current node to the bottom.

Create a frame sequence animation

You can select one or more resources in the window, then press and hold the left mouse button to drag the resources to the layer. The layer will create the same number of frames automatically. The display object of every frame is the corresponding resource, and the interval between every frame is 5 seconds.

Multiple Hierarchy

  1. Select a layer and hold the Shift key to choose another.
  2. Click Ctrl and select layers.
  3. Click Ctrl + A and select all the layers.

Content Menu

h3. Add Node

Adds a new node at the current node.

Copy Node

Copies current node and adds it to the end of the node list.

Delete Node

Deletes the current node.

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