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Animation Editor Menu Bar


The Menu Bar is the set of common operations for the Animation Editor. It contains File, Edit, View and Help menus. Use these four options to complete your operations with the Animation Editor.



New Project(Ctrl+N)

Creates a new Action project. If there is a project already opened in edit, the Animation Editor will remind you to save the project you are editing.

# The name of new project must not contain the following notations: “?”, “”**“,”“,”<“,”>“, and”|". Also, avoid using Chinese characters.
# Do not save your new project on your computer’s desktop if you are using Windows XP; any other path is OK.
# It is highly recommended that you save your new project at any path you wish, but do not save on the System Safe Path.
h4. Open Project
Opens existing project.
h4. Save Project
Saves the project you are editing.
h4. Save As

Saves the project as a new project(ver 1.1 or later).
h4. Export Project

Exports the selected canvas as the resource the program can use. For detailed information, please review UI Editor Project Export.
h4. Import Resource
** Import File
# Select the files in the disk to import. This function also supports multiple selection import.
# Type the same file name prompt using the same name and the import will fail.

*Import Folders
# Select the folder in the disk to import.
# Input the same folder name prompt using the same name and the import will fail.


Closes the Animation Editor. If the project is modified, the software will prompt you to save the project.



Revokes the last operation.


Undos the operation revoked.



Opens the object structure window.


Opens the resource.


Opens the output window.

Resource Edit Window

Opens the resource edit window.

Undo the default layout of all the windows

Undos the default layout of the edit window.


View Help (F1)

Displays online Help files.

About Cocostudio

Opens the CocoStudio information window.

New version check

Upgrades if there is a new version.

Language (Alt+L)


Sets the editor’s language as English, then restarts the editor.


Sets the editor’s language as Chinese, then restarts the editor.


Sets the editor’s language as Korean, then restarts the editor.

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